About Us

Ideally situated in the heart of Freetown this stylishly appointed luxury accommodation in Freetown entices its esteemed guests with its privileged location, the serene ambience and the enchanting views of the shimmering Ocean.

The Hub Hotel luxury accommodation in Freetown features an astonishing pool, a revitalizing Technogym fitness , a stunning lounge and poolside bar as well as a glamorous restaurant in Freetown where its elite customers can relish culinary adventures.

Boasting unparalleled accommodation of 5 star qualities the Hub Hotel luxury hotel in the cosmopolitan Peninsula of Freetown is a private hideaway retreat offering luxurious rooms and suites embraced by the sapphire waters of the Ocean.

Hotel guests can relax in splendor, gaze across the breathtaking panoramic view and enjoy the jet-setting vibes of the Ocean. These are lasting memories in the making.

Hotel Philosophy
The Hub Hotel strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can color their dreams.
The outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that customers enjoy are elements that achieve perfection for a relaxing stay in Freetown.
The Hub Hotel number one priority is creating memorable experiences for its guests and therefore the hotel makes every effort to ensure that each visit is fondly etched in its customers’ minds.
The Hub Hotel has succeeded in being a cosmopolitan hotel and a destination for seekers of unique and relaxing experiences from all over the world.